Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hawaii so Far

It's super hard to write on vacation just sayin.

I have found out some very interesting things while in Hawaii:
A: The ocean is really salty, like unbelievably so
B. If I use a fake accent on an elevator just for fun I will be asked if the weather in Australia is nice this time of year and I will be unable to answer correctly.
C. Kava is freaking disgusting and has no effect on me
D. You will get sand in your nether regions if you sit in the sand
E. Always pack more than you think you should
G. Turning 30 in Hawaii is much better then turning 30 in Utah
H. Turns out I am even less photogenic than I thought
I.  Tropical vacations are the best vacations!

Also my husband is a hero and saved a group of Japanese ladies who spoke no English from certain death! They were drifting off to sea and Bryon towed them back in.  He kept giving them a thumbs up to keep them calm.

So tomorrow we are gonna hit up the swap meet, swing by some sweet beaches and then go to a Luau for my birthday.  I know it will be an amazing day!

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