Wednesday, February 17, 2010



I hate cats. I am afraid of cats. The lady that me and Bry live below has a feral cat community living right outside our door. She has also been doing some construction and we lost a wall separating our place from hers, our cat free home, hers is chuck full. Well one of them wandered downstairs tonight to where we have a temporary door and began meowing and purring to it's heart content. Now I can't sleep because of the damn noise and because I am afraid it will learn how to open my door and come in and attack me. It could happen!

I have an appointment with a new dr. At 9 am then I am gonna work for a few hours. I hate cats! I hope my appointment goes well and my hair will stop falling out, my cushing's syndrome will go away and I will not have arthritis! A girl can dream right?

P.s. I typed this on my phone so if it looks bad sorry. I am now going to google how to silence cats!(forever)