Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Welcome Welcome Tuesday Morning

Hey Everyone, it's been awhile, I've missed ya, you've missed me too right? ok good.

Last night sucked, no sleep, nothing could make me fall asleep not even listening to Breaking Dawn on my ipod and that always works! I had to go out to the car at 3 in the am just to retrieve the ipod for heaven sakes, I wore my polka dot robe and no pants plus no shoes...big mistake...SNOW?!?! Where is the springtime weather I am craving my 3 am brain thought, then aaak was that a cat under the car? Yep, love those cats! All 15 of them, according to my landlord she has one of the first feral cat colonies in SLC county, wow, right?

Finally sleep came right around the time Bella turned into a Vampire! Did not see that coming, ha just kidding I have read the book like 3 times, embarrassing, yes.

So my life these days has been better, my Endocrinologist got me on some new meds and I honestly feel so so so much better. No more flu like symptoms all day everyday. I am also on the new diet craze that is sweeping the Vaughn family and I have lost 9 lbs. in a week. Which is awesome since I need to get back to my pre-fat days before September 18 because that is when me and Bryon will be getting married. Yep gonna get settled down and become a Glathar, a Vaughn Glathar that is. I am really excited. I always knew I did not want a big wedding, I didn't even want to wear a dress. That is until the Internets changed my mind and now all I do at night is look at flowers and invites and centerpieces and mood boards. Have you ever heard of a mood board? They are the greatest! Still the wedding will be small small tiny but with prettier colors.

I am gonna be taking better care of my blog because well it was kinda like a therapist for me and since I don't have health insurance and get a bit crazy I need the therapy again, also I still get those awesome bills and phone calls every single day. I feel so bad for not paying off all my medical debt because hello these people saved my life, but really all I can send you this month Mountain West Anesthesiology is $26.00 is that ok? and they usually say no, not cool.

So any help would be great! I want to thank an old friend Marci for writing, that's one of the reasons I decided to get back into this, because people are still stumbling onto my blog and that is cool. Thanks Marci!

Peace and here is my favorite mood board of the moment from A Creative Mint